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Hi! Shocca Here. We are a new company established 2018 mainly doing business in IT area. Formed by 6 founders, We bring a lot of experiences and speciality to this company.

You name it, digitizing business process, integrating process with latest hardware technology, creating a complex formula for process efficiency. We enjoy every works and get it done within time limit! However, we are specialized in Human Resources-based topic tho :)

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Amazing Services
  • Mobile Platform Technology

    Are you a digital start-up guy who wants to build a mobile application that can be downloaded by your customer in App Store and Google Play? We can make it happen for you.

  • Web Based Technology

    Want your website to be known by all of your customers? Want an application or software based on web platform? This services can make it happen.

  • Consulting

    We can help you optimizing your business result by means of breaking down all the process. Together, we can make your business more effective and efficient.

  • Design Technology

    Designing Logo, Banner, Website Pages or Mascots for your company. We can do it too! Even if the design not to be applied on any application.

Our Portfolio
How to use our services
  • The First Step

    If the services you need does not included at 4 services at the top, you still can ask us and maybe we are able to help you with another solution!

    Tell us your stories, what kind of application do you want to build, on what kind of platform, everything. We will contact you as soon you drop your first inquiry by means of email.

  • The Second Step

    We will discuss within our team about your needs. We calculate the time estimated to get it done and how many resources we need.

    We believe that we are effective enough to do the job with minimum amount of team and with great result! This means less cost for you to pay!

  • The Third Step

    We will give you some explanation regarding your needs and our view about it.

    Is it possible to do or not. This step mainly explaining about that. Maybe we will suggest some changes in your flow process. Explaining about your Minimum viable Product. Or even it is too difficult to get done, and we can give you reccomendation about what you should do. And yes, until this step, we will not charge you a penny!

  • The fourth Step

    Do you know that there are no fixed price for developing a software or application?

    If you are a business person, I believe the first question you will be asking is how much it cost me to create "this" kind of apps? Actually this kind of questions is off the mark. It is really difficult to predict the cost without breaking it down, one by one, for every feature or services inside the application. That is why you can't skip the previous steps. Let us give you an example. You want to build an e-commerce like "this" one. We can count the cost needed, but, if, by any means you adding another request such as, "i want to add video too, so the apps user can do this and that", It can massively change the cost needed.

  • The fifth Step

    We can guarantee you that we will deliver exactly what is written in the contract.

    Can you get updates for every milestones we get when doing the works? Of course you can! By Jira, Trello or any app with the same function. Or maybe by chat messagess make you more comfortable :)

  • The Sixth Step

    We need your feedback after we done!

    No need for any explanation for this step! We hope you are satisfied with our services!

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Any question? Reach out to me and I will get back to you shortly.

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